When is the next Presidential Election in the USA

Everyone is showing keen interest in 58th quadrennial US presidential election this time because it will be quite enthralling to see the next president of the US after Barack Obama, who is known as one of the most conspicuous presidents of America so far. Barack Obama is not eligible to take part in the US elections 2016 because according to 22nd reclamation of the United States Constitution, a person cannot participate in US presidential elections after being elected as the president twice. The date scheduled for the election is 8 November 2016.

Criteria of Eligibility for US presidential elections:

  The candidate must be at least 35 years old.
  The candidate must be a resident of America for 14 years.
  The candidate is not eligible after completing two terms as the President (twenty-second amendment of the United States Constitution).

How candidates are nominated for the US presidential election?

Each political party arranges primary elections and then a caucus (assembly) in every state to nominate their candidates. The local government organizes the primary elections, but political parties run a caucus by their own arrangements. Although, it is a step by step process to operate elections by first settling the primary elections and then a caucus but some states organize either the primary nominations or the assembly. This intricacy sometimes makes the US presidential elections even more complex to be understood.

Generally, the Election Day in the United States is scheduled for Tuesday which comes after the first Monday of the November month and the event of presidential elections is held after every four years.

The Democratic Party and Republican Party are the most prominent political parties of US with a maximum number of renowned nominees. There are nominees which are creating buzz again and again after the announcement of US presidential elections are Hillary Clinton from Democratic Party and Donald Trump from Republican Party because being the former first lady of United States and former US senator from New York, Hillary has a considerable experience of politics where Donald trump is a former reality TV show host and businessman with no as such experience in politics.


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