Trump to peril his own candidacy in next US Presidential Election

The constant remarks on his opponents and weird statements by Donald Trump may impel his candidacy for US presidential elections in trouble and the latest controversy is a clear example of this assumption. Trump has been in news continuously after his unexpected entry in the race for Presidential Elections 2016 and then perpetual statements on other strong rivals has led him into the snag. Some days ago, Trump created the strife by commenting on Carly Fiorina, his rival from the Republican Party. In return, Carly struck back in her recent interview with media.

During an interview with a news channel when Fiorina was shown on a video clip, Trump commented, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for it?” he also added that she is a woman and he should not speak bad things but how would someone imagine the face of the next president. This disastrous comment on Carly Fiorina spread in the media just like fire in the forest and right after this incident, Carly shot back on Trump by stating in her most recent interview that maybe Trump has started taking her as a tough competition due to her active rise in pre-election polls. She also said, “Really Donald? Do you think you can criticize my look?”

Ken Cuccinelli, a commentator from the Republican Party said that such comment by Trump on Carly Fiorina is surely going to create issues for him in the upcoming elections. Donald Trump is creating the fuss by bizarre comments over women again and again which includes his statement on her daughter. This is to be noticed that Trump was alleged for using a song for his campaign rally without the acknowledgement of the singing group, who composed that song.

His nomination in US Presidential Election 2016 was quite like a disagreement initially because he is a real estate developer, author and TV show host, but does not hold any experience in politics. In the recent days, Trump successfully managed to reap the media coverage due to his image among people and outspoken behavior. This time Donald hit the nominee from his own Party rather than rivals from the Democratic Party and this has been the cogent cause for media hype on this issue.


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