Trump knocked back at Carson after religion jab on his campaign for US Presidential Elections

The cut-throat competition between the candidates of US Presidential Elections is being come to notice, when Donald Trump punch back at Ben Carson through his tweet on Wednesday night; immediately after the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson raised the question upon Trump's religious values.

"Wow, I am ahead of the field with Evangelicals (am so proud of this) and virtually every other group and Ben Carson just took a swipe at me," Trump tweeted. Trump tweeted immediately after then when Ben Carson asked about the biggest difference between himself and the real estate mogul earlier that day.

It's his faith, Carson said during his campaign event in Anaheim, California and continued saying: “I have realized where my success has come from, and I do not in any way deny my faith in God and I think that is the big difference.” “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life and that is a very big part of who I am,” Carson continued. “I do not get that impression with Trump and maybe I am wrong, but I do not get that.”

Ben Carson's assaulted on Trump's faith comes to the notice of media, when he jabbed his billionaire competitor for his proposed immigration policies: building a wall for next US Presidential Elections 2016 in southern border and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants.

Ben Carson commented that “It sounds really cool, you know; “Let us just round them all up and send them back”, at a campaign event in California. Continuing his aggression; he said, “People who say that they have no idea what that would entail in terms of our legal system, the costs —forget about it and where you going to send them? It’s a double whammy.”

The result of these insults comes into the notice when the recent polls showed Ben Carson gaining on Trump, particularly in Iowa, where religious voters conventionally playing a strong role in determining the winner of the GOP contest.

According to the recent results of Iowa NBC News/Marist poll, Trump is surging on the top of the field at 29% and Ben Carson is trailing at 22% amid white evangelical Christians, the poll found Trump leading at 29% followed closely by Carson with 27% and no other candidate got double digits within the group.


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