Rick Perry refused backing out of 2016 Presidential Elections

Rick Perry emphatically refuted Donald Trump's affirmation on Thursday that he was backing out of the race of winning more electorates for 2016 presidential elections; through peculiarly saying that "a broken clock is right once a day.

"He said, “I am still here, I'm still working, and we need to be talking about solutions and not just rhetoric out there". According to the news channels, Trump has pointed out Perry during a press conference on Thursday afternoon as one of his dreadful rival who was trailing him and consequently suffered a lot in the results on polls.

Trump said in his speech, "Perry attacked me; now he's getting out of the race. He was at 4 or 5 percent, now he's getting out of the race, he was at zero”. The former Governor of Texas has no more staffers on the prior state of New Hampshire and has lost more staff losses.

Perry stated that Trump is not the only person to bring up the matter of immigration and border security into notice. He said clearly that he is trying to blow everyone’s mind as he is not only the person in the party who is thinking about to deal with the border security issues.


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