Many eyeballs are eager to watch, When is the next Presidential Election in the US

After the incumbent President Barak Obama of USA, everyone is eager to know that who would be the next to take the oath for the white house as a new president of USA. The main quest for which everyone is eagerly waiting- When is the next presidential election in US.

Well, all awaiting situations are over here because the updates for 58th quadrennial presidential elections for 2016 have been declared now. These awaiting moments are scheduled for 8 November, 2016, when United States’ next president would take oath to serve the country as the president of USA. Besides, both the parties Democratic and Republicans are trying hard to get maximum electorate for their back-up through their revolutionary campaigns.

The presidential elections comes in once after four years in USA and in this, voters first choose the best electors through select by ballot and they would further elect the new president of USA. According to the article two of the United States Constitution, the person who will elected as the president of United States should be the naturally born citizen of America and should more than 35 years old to run for presidential elections as well as should be the harbor of United States for the period of more than 14 years.

For these Presidential Elections, candidates have to first run for the nomination of presidency through various political parties and party always delegate a candidate itself to run for the nomination on their behalf. It may be a very touching moments for the democratic because their deserving candidate is not eligible for the third time due the Twenty-second Amendment of the United States constitution.

According to the Twenty-second Amendment of the US, one candidate cannot be nominated for the more than two times for the presidency in the USA and his term will going to end on the 20 January, 2017 as he was elected in 2008 elections for the president of USA by defeating the candidate of Republicans’ nominee Senator John McChain of Arizona through receiving 52.9% popularity vote and 68% electoral vote.

Well, this is a biggest quest for everyone to know who would be the next president of US, stay updated with us here.


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