Joe Biden to track down US Presidential race 2016

The US Vice President Joe Biden has not shown his interest in US presidential elections so far but seems to make an apparent decision on keeping his eyes on the US Presidential race 2016. Some of his companions and close friends are still trying to persuade him to take part in the upcoming Presidential Elections in the United States. According to a long-time friend of the Vice President, Joe Biden should definitely participate in US Presidential Election because he can be proved a tremendous President of the United States and a lot of people will blissfully accept Joe as their new President.

In fact, some members from the Democratic Party interpret after Hillary Clinton’s email controversy that Joe is the most suitable option after Clinton though she successfully managed to recoup her popularity among the public of US. Moreover, some fundraisers and social activists support Hillary Clinton due to her experience and popularity among US populace and this credibility has moved her at the top in the list of leading nominees for the race of US presidential elections 2016. There is one more reason behind this commutation that the views and opinions of fundraisers and party supporters are crucial and influence the selection of nominees during important elections.

There are speculations that Biden is not feeling well due to some of his personal reasons and this is the major cause of his apathy towards the forthcoming US presidential elections. The Party wants Biden to run because they need a strong candidate to compete against the Republicans, but Biden’s reluctance for the presidential race has left the party in dilemma and uncertainty.

Some of the Party members appreciate the Vice President for his comeback to his duties and responsibilities within some weeks after the death of his eldest son, Beau Biden. Beau was died of brain cancer leaving Joe desolated but he propped up himself and managed to handle his work and this has aroused the hope in the Democrats that Biden can make up his mind for the next Presidential Elections in imminent days and go forward to the late entry in the 2016 race.


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