Influence of social media on 2016 US Presidential Elections

The campaigning for the forthcoming United States Presidential Elections has reached to its peak and candidates have planned to reclaim social media to bring advancement to their election campaigns. It is conventional that candidates of presidential race attempt to get in touch with the populace through the most vibrant social media platforms (twitter and facebook) and other promotional activities. The President Barack Obama also used these platforms to get connected with the public in 2012 Presidential Elections and probably this has been the prominent reason for present presidential election candidates to come across magnificence of social media.

There is one more thing to ponder that all the US presidential election candidates are supposed to follow some norms and protocols for using social media for campaigning to connect with voters. The email controversy by Hillary Clinton (Nominee from the Democratic Party) is the latest example of it where Clinton was criticized for using her private email id for promotional campaigning, though she later made an apology for this. Besides this controversy, she managed to retain her popularity and this is caused due to her active social media network and connectivity with her followers. This way, people may create prophecies about corollary of the 2016 United States Presidential Elections which depends upon the tactics used by the presidential election nominees on various social media sites.

There is a basic mechanism for targeting the voters through this vivacious stage for campaigning and it is up to the candidates participating in the elections that how they make the most of it to develop an active social presence among the United States populace. A person cannot emphasize on the same concern again and again because it will imply candidate’s self-seeking motive which is not an effective way to make bonding with voters. For example, Hillary’s high school picture was posted on Snapchat to wish students first day of school.

Due to her well-built existence over social media sites, Clinton is one of the frontrunners in the next US Presidential Elections. Now it will be interesting to see what other candidates accomplish to beat the popularity of Clinton.


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