Incredible tie-up between Carson and Trump at 23%

According to the old results of Iowa Poll, Ben Carson has acquired the top position that tied up with Donald Trump. However, it is being a couple of days for this news, but it is still flaming over the Republicans as a hot potato.

Since the long time, Carson was in a long trailing debate of Republicans that helped him to accomplish a sudden bump on the polls. According to the new poll of states, Donald Trump is lacking by the first 4 nominating positions amid the votes of republicans.

According to the speculation on polls, Trump and Carson tied up at 23% for the first time in States to select a Republican nominee that does not match the republican’s expectation and brought up Trump substantially over other candidates.

The breakdown:
23% – Carson, Trump (tied)
10% –Fiorina
9% –Cruz
7% –Walker
5% –Bush
4% –Kasich, Rubio (tied)
3% –Paul
2% –Huckabee, Santorum (tied)


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