Hillary Clinton mull over the next Presidential Elections in USA, says “I am Sorry”

Hillary Clinton offers up “a mea culpa from nation” and said, “I am sorry”; her apologize for the usage of personal email made her gaining huge amount of electorate and supporters. Hillary said, “At the end of the day, I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all these questions” during an interview with NBC new channel.

The statement “I am sorry, you are feelings are hurt”, made Clinton’s abettors distressed because the statement was reflecting as an insult more than apology. The insider resources of Clinton's’ admitted that during weekend the increasing populaces of advisors ratcheted up the stress for her to take the apology as a step in order to put the campaign to the bed further. Even, operatives of her campaign indirectly stated that the apology on Mitchell’s show on NBC channel was derisory decision that is just used to lift up the campaign again which was dogging her campaign due to e-mail controversy.

She said in her interview that “the email set-up was a blunder and I could have done this before by answering every question” but the questions that Clinton answered on ABC news channel was less invasive than one made on Mitchell’s show by asking her if she is “willing to apologize from the citizen of America for the choice she made” that language was very ham-fisted done by one of Democrats through asking too much from Clinton. She was unable to answer it as Human Rights Campaign went personal because she never wanted that everyone would fish around the personal email but it backfired.

Even the former advisor of Obama, David Axelrod tweeted after the Mitchell interview in NBC on last Friday that "She was right to admit mistake and take responsibility, but also wise to refuse the invitation to "apologize to American people." She has find out the way for apologize less dramatically without begging pardon from the country through email with a subject line “My email”.

The email was like this in below image:

Hillary Clinton Email

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