Hillary Clinton’s Election funds surpassed $47 million

The first lady as the former secretary of The United States of America during Obama’s administration, Hillary Clinton is also running for nomination of the Presidential Elections 2016 and this is still the biggest quest that she would win the nomination?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, another competitor of the Democratic nomination has also grabbed the attention of huge crowd on his campaign and raised his funds up to 15.2 million dollars but he still needed the candidates from grassroots to sustain from long fundraising slog like Clintons.

Bernie Sanders have received 76% of the money in small amounts from individual contributions even he has also the largest donor base of any candidate from the presidential field i.e. 284,000 donors than Clinton's 250,000. Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist, said Clinton's record- breaking achievements through her fundraising should not be rejected amid all the opponents about her competitors


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