Guide for 2016 Presidential Elections

Author : Ana
Date : September 23, 2015

As preparations for the upcoming US Presidential Elections are on the go, people are ardent to see the next President of the United States. If we take a look over the nominees for 2016 elections, it is clear that the race for the Presidential incumbency will be a compelling competition. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the most prominent parties of the USA with the strongest candidates as nominees in Presidential election 2016.

Who have been nominated for 2016 US election? Well, all the important dates, information related to debates and conventions and other such questions which are frequently asked by the people will be answered below.

  Who have been nominated for the next Presidential race?

If we talk about the Democratic Party, the list of nominees contains the names of Bernie Sander, Hillary Clinton, Jim Web, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. There are rumors that the Vice President Joe Biden may join the candidacy for the Presidential race as a late entry.

Among all the Democrats, It is Hillary Clinton who has successfully managed to lead in the election campaigns. In spite of all the controversies, Hillary is the front-runner from the Democratic Party. Bernie Sander is another renowned candidate from the Democrats and a rival of Clinton.

Moving on to the Republican Party; Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz officially declared that they would be participating in the next Presidential elections. Then some other contenders like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie joined the election squad for the Presidential election 2016.

It is considered that Jeb bush is a strong candidate for the next elections as he belongs to the family of successful politicians. The Bush family gave the United

States two presidents earlier, so it will be interesting to see if Jeb succeeds to impress the US populace like his elders.

Later on, Donald Trump united with the Republicans and declared that he would be running for the President in 2016. This is noteworthy that he soon became the front-runner in public opinion polls probably due to his outspoken nature. Trump has been in the news since August because of the controversies created by his own words and candid opinions about other nominees.

The speculations say that some other well-known politicians may launch their Presidential campaign because a nominee who is running for the Presidential incumbency is allowed to announce the candidacy between January 2015 and summer 2015.

  What is the schedule for the Presidential primaries?

The Presidential primaries have scheduled for February 2016. The exact dates are still not finalized because the Democratic and the Republican national committees will organize the Presidential primaries in every state. There are mainly four types of caucuses: Iowa Caucuses, New Hampshire primary, the South Carolina Primary and the Nevada caucuses.

  Iowa Caucus : This caucus will take place in February 2016. In this event, all the voters from the Iowa constituency will elect their delegates for the convention. Then these delegates are selected for the state party convention. All the delegates chosen for the state party convention would attend the national party caucus to select the nominee for the President Incumbency.

  New Hampshire Primary : New Hampshire Primary, which is popularly known as ‘first in the nation’ Primary, will also be held in February 2016. The Primary votes are different from Iowa Caucuses. In the New Hampshire Primary, the delegates are elected who will be at the national party conventions to select the nominee for the elections. The state board of elections controls such events whereas the political parties manage the caucuses.

  The South Carolina Primary : New Hampshire Primary will be followed by the South Carolina Primary in 2016. The nomination process in the Southern states proceeds with this primary. It is also known as the ‘first in the south’ primary. This is worth pondering that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party will fix their South Carolina primary on the different dates.

  Nevada Caucus : The Nevada Caucus is being considered as an important affair in the entire election process. Though the Nevada caucus started in 2008 but it holds a crucial significance in the nomination process. There are no restrictions on the states to set the similar dates for these conventions. In fact, the protocol allows all states to schedule their own primary dates accordingly but states are managing to line up these sessions as earlier as possible to get the hype and importance in the next elections.

  When will the Primary debate session start?

According to the recent reports, the Republican National Committee (RNC) permitted a number of debates to be held in August, 2015 featuring almost all those candidates from the Republican Party who have achieved a commendable level of support in the public opinion polls. To reach the stage for debate which is going to be held near the date of caucuses, a candidate needs to achieve at least 3% support of voters from the Iowa caucuses.

In the Republican Party, some of the debates have been held August and September 2015. Now the upcoming debates are likely to take place from October 2015 to March 2016. The first debate was aired on Fox news channel in the month of August joined by Walker, Huckabee, Trump, Kelly and other candidates of the Party. The second debate was held on 16th September and aired on CNN.

The candidates for the next debates are yet to be listed, but the dates and news channels have been finalized.

On the contrary, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) declared earlier that they would be organizing six primary debates in which the four debates will be held in early primary states. The Democratic Party has also planned the series of debates. The session may start from 13th October 2015 to February 2016. The dates for the final debates may extend to March 2016.

  When will the Presidential debates for general election begin?

The Nominees from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will confront each other for the Presidential debate in September – October 2016. The dates and locations are yet to be organized by the election Commission in 2015.

  What is the schedule for Party conventions?

The Democratic Party has scheduled the convention for July 2016. The party has selected the City of Philadelphia to host the convention for the next Presidential elections. Pennsylvania convention center and Wells Fargo center are the places for the scheduled event.

The Democratic Party Convention is likely to take place on 25th July 2016 and Philadelphia will host the convention. The city of Philadelphia was chosen among all cities by the DNC because the party considered all the affecting aspects like hotels, transportations, finances and security. In fact, the city itself tried to ensure the selection committee about the funding needed for the following convention. The city of Philadelphia hosted the Republican national convention in the 2000 elections. The Republican Party has organized the convention in Ohio and the convention will take place between July 18 and July 21 in 2016. The selection committee has lined up the dates of conventions for the Presidential nominations. The Republican national convention (RNC) is scheduled to be held in Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio.

  How to attend primary and Presidential debates?

The state parties will handle the preparations of the primary and Presidential debates for the forthcoming elections which also include the ticketing process. Moreover, the purchase of tickets for these debates is quite tricky because they reserve the tickets for their family, friends, kith and kin of candidates and other controlling officials. The remaining tickets are then distributed among people.

The current US President Barack Obama will not be participating in the presidential race due to the 22nd amendment of the US constitution.


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