Dilemma continues… Will Biden join the Presidential race 2016?

Published by : Ana on october 20, 2015

Joe Biden is all set to finalize a decision about his participation in the upcoming US elections for the presidential incumbency. Joe Biden seems to settle on a fixed conclusion; since his involvement in the election pursuit has been a concern among other candidates and the US populace. There are speculations that the Vise President may declare his candidature within next two days.

As per rumors raised after the announcement of the election schedule, it was supposed that Biden will make a noteworthy entrance to the most awaited chase, but he could not make a prior conclusion due to the sudden demise of his son. Moreover, he was not sure about his participation in the election when the candidates of both parties were preparing for the Election campaign.

His assent to take part in the forthcoming elections in the United States may astonish the current front runners Trump, Hillary and Jeb Bush who have been overshadowing in pre-election polls so far.

With millions of followers in the United States, Joe Biden seems to give a tough competition to Hillary Clinton (2.1), Donald Trump (1.73), Bernie Sander (1.9) and other participants from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

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