Cut-throat competition between the campaigns of Democrats and Republicans

As the US Presidential Elections 2016 have been announced for November 2016, the political parties are ready to participate in it. In fact, election campaigns are scheduled to be commenced soon. Definitely, the road to the white house is not going to be as simple and therefore, aspiring nominees will need to work diligently in order to set their mark through these upcoming election campaigns. Being the most popular political parties of the United States, here is a brief comparison between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party thinks that taxes should not be increased and wages for individuals should be set by the free market. On the other hand, the Democrat Party believes that taxes should be raised timely so as to support the government regulations. Republicans focus on individual’s rights and justice, but most of the Republicans oppose gay marriage. On the contrary, almost all democrats support gay marriage.

There are other aspects of the difference between both parties and it will be interesting to see, who will be the next US President after Barack Obama.


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