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Should Betting be legalized in India..?

Every country has its own set of rules and jurisdictions when it comes to betting. Though the situation for online betting is far better in comparison to traditional or offline betting but still in many countries, betting is an extremely sensitive matter and India belongs to one such country where betting norms and standards are still not confirmed.

Here comes a latest update for legalizing betting in India. The Supreme Court has appointed a panel and recommended legalizing betting with strong safeguards criminalizing match fixing in Cricket for generating a transparency in the game. R. M. Lodha, Former Chief Justice of India claimed that betting can be dealt in a legal framework, in spite of being a general malaise indulged in by different sections of the society.

Betting legal


The committee said that betting should be legalized with an inbuilt mechanism to ensure that players, match officials, team officials and owners will not be allowed to indulge in any betting activity as it would still be an offence under rules and regulations of BCCI and IPL.

Why Betting should be legalized in India?

There many benefits to the government as well as to the country for legalizing betting.

  • Legalizing betting will bring more revenue to the government
  • Will reduce corruption in game
  • Few forms of gambling are already legal in India
  • It is not a bad thing, it’s just predicting
  • It will reduce crime by delinking the people from underworld.

In 2013, the CBI chief Ranjit Sinha and former Indian skipper Rahul Dravid spoke about legalizing Betting but there suggestion was not taken into action and remained unimplemented. Now, the panel authorized for has suggested for legalizing betting, at least now this should be taken into consideration and an appropriate action should be taken as it has all pros and no cons for legalizing betting in India.


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